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The trend to modernization of concrete vibrators has grown exponentially over the years. The president of Enar explains to us ...


The trend to modernization in concrete vibrators observed since before the crisis, but this past year, 2018 has been accentuated.

This is a curious phenomenon that deserves attention.

There has always existed a strong correlation between the degree of development of a country and the type of concrete vibrator used.

More advanced countries have been more inclined to the use of electric vibrators, especially high-frequency type, while the system of pendular vibration was characteristic of regions with less economic power.

Nevertheless, contrary to what might be thought, over the years of the great recession, an increased growth has taken place in the el use of expensive concrete vibration equipment than in the old mechanical systems.

Although the reduction of activity in construction has led to limiting investments, it seems as though the users have preferred to seek performance over the criterion of price.

The general construction machinery rental companies have been exemplary in this trend.


From conversations with our clients throughout the five continents, I have reached the conclusion that the acquisition of machines and tools is the result of a more professional cost analysis process.

It is not only the acquisition price, but the duration, the repairs, the consumption, the service over the lifetime of the product, and ultimately, even the ergonomics, factors which professionals value jointly.  

In a time of cost reduction, investment has been directed to more reliable products although they are more expensive.



Naturally, the degree to which this phenomenon has occurred, although it has been generalized, has been different in every market.

Nevertheless, the case of the U.S.A. is noteworthy.

This market being of those we could call rich, it does not correspond to the evolution I am mentioning. The equipment used in America is sturdy and reliable, but rarely are the advanced concrete vibrators of Europe seen.

The features of the Europeans with regard to safety, environmental effects and ergonomics are far ahead of their counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic.

As an example of this phenomenon, let us say that Indonesia uses more profusely 42-volt vibrators, totally safe against electrical leakage, than the United States.


Protection based on homologations that are demanding of foreign products has probably benefitted the local manufacturers, but has hindered access for users to more advanced machinery.

This is the consequence of protectionism…


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