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ENARCO continues its growth by introducing another c(ETL)us certification to their American product range


ENARCO continues its growth by introducing another c(ETL)us certification to their American product range.

ENARCO was founded in 1964 meaning they have 50 years experience in manufacturing construction machinery. However, In 50 years a lot has changed.

Even with ENAR´s experience of manufacturing and selling internationally using various certified listings, experience won´t mean anything to the end user if they can´t have the peace of mind to know that the product was made for North America. Changing technology and resources creates changes in risk and procedures. For this, certification is vitally important to educate manufacturers and users about their use of technology in the work place and esnure user safety.

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In recent years, ENARCO have not kept it secret that they are pushing to grow their already illustrious reputation of being the #1 globally sold brand of concrete vibrators. With the innovation of technology such as electronic converters and battery powered screeds, ENARCO continues to innovate in a market largely recognised for its imitators. But growth comes in many forms, as well as developing their range, ENARCO; through their US subsidiary ENAR USA, are taking strides to bring their innovation to North America

After the initial application in 2017, ENARCO worked tirelessly to improve and modify their  range of electronic concrete vibrators to ascertain their ETL certificate. As of April 2019, the hard work paid off and production of the i-Spyder with heads ranging from 1.5inches, 2 inches and 2.35 inches had begun. Some of the features of the i-Spyder by ENAR include; the whip comes as a standard 16ft length but can be provided at the length required by the customer. Furthermore, with its electronic technology and few moving parts, it means you don´t need to change carbon brushes or grease the transmission to avoid the overheating of the whip.


ENARCO i-spyder

ENARCO i-spyder


What is the cETLus (UL)?

You may be wondering, what is the difference between the UL and the ETL certifications? In fact, both are nationally recognised testing labarotories which perform the same tests and have the same criteria for allowing a machine to pass inspection. The only difference is, that UL (Underwriter´s Labarotories) develop the testing standards which ETL later adhere to. The lower case C and US in the cETLus represent the countries the product is certified for, which in this case, would be Canada and the USA. This offers assurances to customers that construction machinery has met specific safety requirements unlike that of the CE we are used to in Europe.


ENAR c(ETL)us certification


The ENAR brand now has the electric concrete vibrator, The Fox, as well as the electronic concrete vibrator, the i-Spyder, available for purchase in the USA & Canada.

Both of the products official certificates can be seen in the below links;




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