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Concrete Vibrator - Pneumatic PNU

Pneumatic Pokers PNU

Pneumatic concrete vibrator.
Maintenance-free handle with a valve admission system.
Sizes from 1inch to 40 inches.
Oil reservoir, that lasts for several days (to be filled at least once a week under normal working conditions).
Optimal relationship between frequency and amplitude for optimal concrete compaction.
Standard 2m handling hose, other lengths available upon request.
Recommended pressure of 6 psi.

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PNU Pneumatic concrete vibrator

PNU Pnuematic concrete vibrator. Easy to use piece of equipment that utilises a handle which is equipped with a drive valve and an oil deposit to ensure optimum levels of lubrication.

A wide array of poker sizes ranging from 25mm to 100mm are available and come fitted with an equally beneficial range of shaft sizes from 2m to 10m. This product is the best option when looking to use air compression equipment.

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